5 Online Casinos that Allow Betting With PayPal

betting with paypal

For many people, the frustration of not being able to play at a Casino because they do not have a method of payment is a reality. Many Casinos only allow payment via credit card, and some people just ca not get a credit card, hence the frustration. But there are some online casinos that allow betting with PayPal, and this has been a savior for many.

Most casinos will accept deposit payments by a bank transfer, but this will take a long time to set up and actually get the money transferred. This is not ideal if you have no funds in your Casino account and you get the urge to play. But if you have a PayPal option for paying, then you can top up your account and play whenever you want.

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Using eWallets like PayPal will also allow you to play on your mobile devices and make payments over your mobile device. This is very convenient for you, and again will enable you to play at any time you like, no matter where you are as well. Playing on a mobile device is becoming more and more popular these days, so betting with PayPal while using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet is only going to become more readily available to everyone.

Casinos that allow betting with PayPal

Not all casinos allow betting with PayPal, so it is always good to know the ones that do. Also, some people will be restricted when trying to use PayPal as it is not allowed in some regions, so your geographical location will also be relevant as to whether you are able to use this eWallet payment option. Most European countries will be allowed to use PayPal for their online gaming.

Here are 5 of the best online casinos that allow betting with PayPal (click on the banners to visit the casino):

Blackjack Ballroom Casino – Regions PayPal allowed: Europe


Casino Classic – Regions PayPal allowed: Europe

Casino Classic

Casino Kingdom –Regions PayPal allowed: Europe


Music Hall Casino – Regions PayPal allowed: Europe

Music Hall Casino

Grand Hotel Casino – Regions PayPal allowed: Europe


These Casinos are some of the best available online, and between them they offer a massive range of games to play. Whether you prefer to play slot games, Poker or table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, you will have endless options to choose from. A lot of them have their own specialized games, and as new games are released these will quickly add then to their inventory ready for you to play.

PayPal now has the ability to let you make payments on mobile devices too, so you can also play at any of the above 5 casinos on your mobile devices, and betting with PayPal will be possible from the device too. The Casinos want to make it as easy as possible for you to play anywhere at any time, so fast access and multiple payment options are high up on their agendas.

With the level of security that PayPal offers as a payment processor, and the security that these casinos use too will ensure that your deposits and withdrawals to and from your PayPal account will be made safely every time. Betting with PayPal is now a reality in some regions of the world, so you can enjoy your gaming at any time you like.


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