Online Casinos and the Heartbleed Bug – What are the Risks?

online casinos and the heartbleed bug

Are Online Casinos Safe to Use After the Heartbleed Bug?

Up until recently, most of us believed that websites that used the OpenSSL cryptographic software library to secure the data on their sites was a robust security system that would keep your information safe. Then on April 7th, 2014 a flaw in the OpenSSL encryption protocol was made public for the first time, and this caused immediate panic around the world.

The heartbleed bug was believed to have made around 17% of the secure web servers on the internet that were certified by trusted authorities vulnerable to an attack by the bug. This basically meant that information stored on websites that was supposed to be encrypted could now be read and stolen by cyber thieves looking to take advantage of this gateway.

The major turbulence that the heartbleed bug caused for companies around the world that secured their websites using OpenSSL (pretty much all of them), was deemed as catastrophic. It was claimed to be potentially the worst vulnerability found since the internet started. So the big question for those of us that like to play at the online casinos, was how did this “catastrophic” bug effect the security of our online casino accounts?

Fortunately, as soon as this bug was discovered on April 7th, 2014 a code patch was developed and released immediately. This was applied to the control system of OpenSSL and was able to secure information completely, shutting out the vulnerability that the heartbleed bug exposed. Many brands and companies around the world were able to quickly secure their sites again, and confirm this to their site visitors.

Which online casinos are now safe from the Heartbleed bug?

Any reputable online casino would be using OpenSSL to secure their member’s accounts. So all of these would have been open to the bug until it was discovered. But this vulnerability should also have been eliminated very quickly by applying the code patch that was made after April 7th. So this should mean that most online casinos are now secure.

But, if you are still concerned about this and want to double check for yourself you should contact the support provided by your online casino. If you are looking to join a new online casino to join, and want to know it is now safe, contact the support before you sign up.

One of the largest online casino operators, Casino Rewards, were very quick to apply the code patch to all of their 29 online casino brands that they operate. So if you want a reliable place to go to play, you can choose any of the Casino Rewards online casinos to play at.

They have some of the biggest online casinos available, and you will find close to 500 of the latest online games, along with some of the old favorites that people still love to play. Casino Rewards have been one of the most popular casino operators online, and now widely recognized as one of the leaders in the online gaming industry since they emerged around 10 years ago.

They offer 24/7 online support, so you can always get immediate responses to any queries you may have, and this support goes for all of their 29 online casinos too. They also offer support in many different languages, and operate their casinos in different languages and currencies too, so you can always find the best option for you.

So if you want to be able to play at an online casino that is now safe from the Heartbleed bug, you can go to today and look at any of their 29 casino brands and create your free account now.

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